Sad News

Marsha wrote in her last e-mail to us:  <<We have unfortunately had to give our final good-byes to one of our classmates since the last update, Irene Krueger. I was told that there was no obituary or memorial service, but that she passed away due to cancer. To Irene‚Äôs family, please accept our most sincere sympathy. <<

If anyone has more information they would like to share about Irene contact me:  

As for me,  I can remember Irene when she first started ballet lessons. We must have been in first grade.....  [about 1948].   She often walked passed my home after practice.  She would be carrying her pink slippers and wearing her cute pink costume.  She would stop and tell me and sometimes show me what she had learned that day.  I was especially fascinated by the way she showed me how to move her hands.  I learned what the word "graceful" really meant.  She would smile and asked me if I could go to ballet lessons with her.   I shook my head and had to explain that  my family did not have extra money for ballet and that I did not think I could be graceful enough for ballet.  Plus, I could not touch my toes without bending my knees.  I would try and not be sucessfull, again.  She would laugh and I would laugh. Then off she'd move with a swirl or two and wave bye with a smile.

In High School we got to know each other, again.  She had not change.  She was sweet, soft spoken and had beautiful long dark hair.  Her eyes sparkled with life and kindness.

Judy A. Remmick-Hubert

Oct. 2019

1970 LUHS Reunion