April 2019

Lodi Lake Picnic

Class 1960

I no longer have Marsha Sanger's e-mail that tells us all about April 2019 and our luncheon at Lodi Lake.  I did find the photographs, however.  So,  I will placed them here and on the following URL pages and if I do find Marsha's e-mail I will ost it here.

Judy A. Remmick

Class 1960

10 August 2019


Kathy Welsh                   Gayle Deutcher         Patti Bender

Fred McFarland                                                               Fred McFarland            &      Mel Strevle

Lynette Walther

Judy Bouska

John Bender with his spouse Cara

Ron Suess                                                  Woehl twins's sister, Joanie

Faye Doty               &                 Caudine Seltzer