Jerry Bartel and a baby grey whale on a trip to Baja  

See his letter on previous page.

Dolores Gribuado at Trader Joe's

Felis Umulia & her spouse Charlie at the Lodi Stret Fair  on Oct 1

David Hildenbrand at Costco in Lodi

Terry Krause

"I went to visit Terry Krause on 9. 13/ 17 ...." wrote Marsha, " he is now at Arbor Place,  17 Louie Ave, Lodi.  I'm sure he'd enjoy a visit if you're in the area.  I tookk our 1960 Annual and pointed to my photo, as I look A LOT different, now."

   Patty Bender           &     Kathy Welsh

Corky Veit  & Fred McFarland

Shirley Savig Patty Bender and Kathy Welsh

Sharon Christopherson   &    Shirley Savig

Ron Suess

Sharon Christopherson   &    Shirley Savig   &     Marsha Sanger

Faye Graddy

Annette Reiswig  &   Faye Graddy

Sharon Christopherson   &    her spouse Ron Wilson

                     Dianne Cooper

Mavis Seibel  & her spouse Jim

Corky Veit

Marlene Hunter & her spouse Lee Wageman

                           Larry Leno