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Memoirs button wil take you back to Index page with links starting in 1942 before Kindergarten to Freshman Year of Lodi Union High School:  Early Memories Year:  Remmick's 'Voices of the Past": Echoes From My Freshman Year by Remmick Class of 60

Dances Our Sopmore Year:  Flapper Fannies,  167 May 1956

Memory Lane:  Pat Alexander and his new car -------List of Our Junior Class of 60 year

Ink Jars & Memories br Remmick: written 27 Aug 2000 :  Notes written in Remmick's Year Book by  Rosella Breitmeyer;  Marty Gabriel, Betty Jo Willis, Betty Loue Reece, Bev ___, Kathy Lipert, Don RIveria, Sharon Christopherson, Linda Bender, Pat Alexander, Arlin Adams, our English teacher D. Maraz, another teacher Dottie M. [Mulvhill],  Jerry Hugo, Mike Zetner

Dances In Our Junior Year :  Dances - 22 March 1958, Winter Ball, Remmick with Brian Pietzke; 13 Dec 1958 Santa's Fantasy, Remmick with Pat Alexsander; Spring Dance called Gingham and Cord, Remmick and Pat Alexander & Rosie Breitmeyer and James Graham;  21 March 1959, The Pink Flamingo featuring the BLUE NOTES, Remmick with Timothy Emmerick; 16 May 1959, Huck's Hop,featuring the BLUE NOTES,  Remmick and Tom Rogers

Junior Class Play:  Junior Class Play was called "Dirty Work at the Crossroads"  with photos of "Wicked  Munro Murgotroyd"  Dan Brown and "Sweet Nellie Lovelace" Betty Smatsky;  & "The WIDOW Lovelace" Kathy Youdall and "Wicked Munro Murgatroyd" Dan Brown followed by more pages and more photos

------Photo by Clyde Erhardt, our class photographer: Judy Remmick and her  "Egg Project"  in Mr Burrow's Biology Class-=   Remmick's Egg  Project


Senior Year Index Page:                        Senior Year Index Page

Cheer Leaders and Song LeadersWinter Olympics

Football  and other Sports  for Boys and Girls


April Fool's Day, The Flame's "The Blame"  (school newspaper) plus a section on the staff; Rods at Random; "Predictions of Our Future"

Senior Play - "Our Town"

Senior Banquet

Center Stage Play - "The Boy Friend"


Valedictorians of 1960 Class

--------Senior Photographs------

Senior Year Book

------------40th Reunion  

Photos of Year 2000 Reunion: to 68 to 76 -Group Photo Section 1 - Group Photo Section 2 Group Photo Section 3

Group Section 4

Photos of Year 2005 - 45th LUHS Reunion

------- 45 th LUHS Reunion, Year 2005

PICNIC for 45th to 154.html - Picnic at Lodi Lake to 172.html - Picnic continued

BANQUET - Banquet - 2005 - 60 photos 19 Nov 2009

-----------50th LUHS Reunion, Year 2010

Picnic   for 50th Reunion, Year 2010  Picnic -

Banquet  for 50th Reunion, Year 2010    Banquet Link To- http://

---            55th Reunion- :

                   Year 2015 - Class of 1960's 55th Reunion Picnic followed by the Banquet



Vol 1, Oct 2000 Judy A. Remmick-Hubert Newsletters

>Bill Munson's Obit

>Photo with Peter Sheehan, Bod Fuller, Mr. Reimche and Tim Spittler

Vol. 2, 1 Nov 2000

>Page 1:  Emails from Bob Rocque, Clyde Ehrhardt, Peter Sheehan, David Cristofani, Dianna (Vandehey) Moran, Gary Pierson

>Page2:Photo of Judy Remmick-Hubert and Peter Sheean from the Reunion

>Page 3: Two photos of our classmates back in 1959-1960   plus notice of the death of Ken Zimmerman , Class 1958

Vol. 3, 22 Jan 2001

>Page 1: Remmick's Notes, Clyde's Eight Questions, plus emails from Aetna Nicewonger (Mayfield), Bob Rocque, Ann Bauer and Dewey willis

>Page2: Remember When?, "Elmer The Love Bug" with photo: Moreen Wagemann, Lennice Porter, Daniel Brown, Betty Smatsky, Kathy Welsh, Gerry Steel, Patti Goodman, Nancy Owen, Betteann Bettger, Andy Gaudet and Denis (Charles) Fair, 1956, Woodsbridge School Play

>Page3: Photos of Adam "Chip"  Adams in 1960 and 2000 at Reunion, Photos of Sue Welbly from 1960 and 2000, Year book photo of our Senior Council, Class 1960

>Page4: Photo of Jerilyn Giannoni, Gerald "Coke" Grauma and his wife Carla Norris, 1959 Photo of our Spng and Cheer Leaders: Robert Herr, Kathy Lippert, Mike Haney, Karen Krause, Linda Blout, Jeri Giannoni, Carla Norris and Cora Sue Culbertson,  added to this is a photo of Lodi Tokay HS Song Leaders who entertain us at our banquet.

Vol. 4, 20 April 2001

>Page 1:Remmick's Notes

>Page 2:  Question and Answer Page.  Emails from Dave Cristofani, Gig Harbor, WA, Ann Armstrong Bauer, Mike Stemler, Marjorie Garrison, MaryLou McGill O'Reilly, Rita Henry who wrote twice.  The second announced that Patsy Wright passed in March 2001.......

>Page 3: Email from Claire Fujita Omura who sent the photo of her 5th and 6th class with Mrs. Vaughan, and, talked about her German class taught by Mr. Recksiek.   Photo is the German Club of 1960.   Memory of Judy Remmick's in Mr. Lynch's English Class and his bout with a skunk and Mr. Recksiek's habit of throwing an eraser through the window but one time the window was close and he broke the window....[talked about other teachers]....


Newsletter -Vol. 9: 9.11.2002


Newsletter - Vol. 9: 13 Nov 2002

Newletter - Vol. 11: 25 Nov 2003




Newsletter-Vol. 13: 17 June 2005

Newsletter-LETTERS from 17 June 2005 to 2 Nov 2005

Newsletter-Vol. 14: 2 Nov 2005

Newsletter- LETTERS from 3 Nov 2005 to June 2006

Section Index


174 LETTERS June 2006 to _1 Oct 2006

16 - 175Newsletter -

Editors Note

Sad News

1771 Oct. 2006

178who we can't find

180 Do You Remeber




Lunch926 April to 6 May 2007

1747 May to 15 Sept 2007

     Do You Remember When

181- Letters 7 May to 12 Nov

182Ladies Luncheon 26 Oct 2007

July 2007


Ladies Luncheon 30 April 2008


Ladies Luncheon 30 Jan 2009

Private / E-mail Addresses Updated

Ladies Luncheon 30 Oct 2009

Lodi High News In 2009 plus Letters Nov 2009

16 Nov 2009


Ladies Luncheon - 30 April 2010

Lodi Union High School, 50th Reunion, 25 & 26 June 2010

Picnic -

Banquet-  (Redo of old web site after iWEB Closed)


Lodi Union High School 55th Reunion : Banquet

Woodbrodge Country Club


Page 65:  31 July 2015 :   Marsha wrote #34: - Luncheon Old

*Page 67 to 68:  30 Oct 2015:  Marsha wrote #35:  -Luncheon Photos on


Page 70 to 71: 29 Jan 2016: Marsha wrote #36 - Luncheon Photos

Pages 73 to 74:  29 April 2016:  Marsha wrote #37 followed with photos:


OCT 2017-1, 2, 3 Marsha wrote #  43  - Luncheon Photos in 27 Oct 2017


April 2018 - 1, 2, 3  Marsha wrote #  - Luncheon Photos in 27 April 2018

Oct 2018 - 1,2,3,4  Marsha wrote #   - :uncheon Photos in 26 Oct 2018


Arpil 2019 A2- 1, 2 Marsha wrote # - Luncheon  Photos in April 2019

June News Remmick's Newletter of June 2019

July2019 - 1,2,3  Marsha wrote #50 - Luncheon Photos in 26 July 2019

2019 New Website that back tracks old lost data

NEW HOME[ - *REMMMICK'S  NOTE:  Some of the following are in need of repair.  Added to all of this,  I am trying to find the data that has been lost.  May appear confusing at this time but hope to reestablish all of it in time

25 Oct 2019 - Picnic Day

31 Oct 2019 Halloween Day:  Judy's Personal Note

Irene Krueger's Obit

Don Peterson's Obit



                                    due to the pandemic


60th LUHS Reunion


Picnic: Friday -  21 Aug  2020


Dinner: Saturday - 22 Aug. 2020

3:00pm  to 8:00 pm

Woodbridge Country Club, CA

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